Precision Gear & Motor Shaft Machining Process Specialist

Wen Hsiang Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. provides professional and high-quality processing services for precision gears, high-performance servo motor shafts, and mechanical parts. With more than 40 years of processing experience and technology, we provide customers with the highest quality processing services, while continuously upgrading machining and quality inspection equipment to provide the best service and excellent quality. Wen Hsiang also actively participates in community services and fulfills corporate social responsibility.


Wen Hsiang Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Wen Hsiang's core processing services include lathing, milling, gear hobbing, and gear grinding for parts such as gears, motor shafts, and other machinery parts. Wen Hsiang's factory is equipped with high precision processing machinery. Our automatic production lines are high-speed, reliable, and high-precision.